Faw Brake Drum

Faw Brake Drum

Truck Model: Faw
OEM No/Model: 3501571-4Е
FOB Price: USD 1-300
Minimum Order: 10 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Faw Brake Drum

OEM No/Model


Car Application

Faw Truck

Delivery Port






Country/Region of Manufacture


Export Ratio

71% - 80%

Current Export Market

South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East

1. Strong abrasion resistance

2. Good heat resistance

3. Good heat dissipation

In most cases, brake drums will be replaced in pairs due to the issues that have one new and one worn drum can cause. When a professional is hired to replace the drums, they will check the wheel cylinders and other parts of the wheel braking system to ensure the drum has not damaged them. 

1. Standard Exporting package 

2. Original package or neutral package 

3. Customized packaging according to customer requirements

4. Shipped in 10-35 working days after payment

Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional global trading company to export Faw brake drums. Our partners are professional top manufacturers and providers all over the world. So we have the ability to provide a variety of products with different qualities and prices, and we provide warehouses in a wide range of areas to improve the transport speed sent to the world. If you need OEM services of brake products , you can contact our professional customer service for advice.

Brake drums are improperly designed and susceptible to heat; brake drums are unbalanced and mechanical deformation, resulting in poor contact with drums and drums, resulting in increased pedal force and stroke; Large, but also cause self-locking and produce vibration, noise. So that the brake drum should have a sufficient wall thickness and cast a circumferential or axial stiffener at the outer surface near the opening to increase the strength. These ribs and the role of heat, can reduce the friction surface temperature, shorten the brake cooling time, so that energy capacity increased by 35% to 40%.

Brake drum work surface is generally in the assembly with the hub, the bearing hole positioning for finishing. Micro-car requirements of the face of the roundness and coaxial tolerance ≤ 0.03mm, radial runout ≤ 0.05mm, static imbalance ≤ 1.5N · cm.

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