Faw Brake Shoes

Faw Brake Shoes

Truck Model: Faw
OEM No/Model: 3502375-A0E
FOB Price: USD 1-300
Minimum Order: 10 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Faw Brake shoes

OEM No/Model


Car Application

Faw Truck

Delivery Port






Country/Region of Manufacture


Export Ratio

71% - 80%

Current Export Market

South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East

1. Advanced and reliable process

2. Has a prominent brake brake sensitivity

3. Minimize the wear on the brake drum

The brake shoe is an accessory that is pushed by the brake cam or the brake pusher and is pressed on the brake drum to play a role of braking. It is one of the key safety parts in the car brake system. Two brakes are stretched outward under the action of brake wheel cylinder, hold up the brake lining to rub the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop the truck.

1. Standard Exporting package 

2. Original package or neutral package  

3. Customized packaging according to customer requirements

4. Shipped in 10-35 working days after payment

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Brake shoe is a consumable, in use will gradually wear and tear, when the wear to the limit position, must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the braking effect, and even cause a security incident.

Brake shoes related to life safety, must be treated with caution.

Most of the cars used in the front plate after the drum brake structure, under normal circumstances the front brake shoe wear is relatively fast, after the brake shoe used a relatively long time in the daily inspection and maintenance should focus on the following few Aspect:

Under normal driving conditions, 5,000 kilometers per kilometer on the brake shoe check once, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also check the wiper wear state, both sides of the degree of wear is the same, the return is free, etc., found abnormal The situation must be dealt with immediately.

Brake shoe is generally made of iron liner and friction material in two parts, must not wait for friction material part of the grinding did not change the shoe. Some vehicles with brake shoes alarm function, once reached the wear limit, the instrument will alert the replacement of the shoe. To achieve the use of the limit of the shoe must be replaced, even if still able to use for some time, will reduce the effect of braking, driving safety.

Replace the original spare parts to provide the brake pads, the only way to make the brake pads and brakes between the best braking effect, wear the smallest.

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