Faw Rear Brake Chamber

Faw Rear Brake Chamber

Truck Model: Faw
OEM No/Model: 3530015-523
FOB Price: USD 1-300
Minimum Order: 10 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Name

Faw Rear brake chamber

OEM No/Model


Car Application

Faw Truck

Delivery Port






Country/Region of Manufacture


Export Ratio

71% - 80%

Current Export Market

South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East

1. Performance to the advanced level

2. Spring material from Ⅰ, Ⅱ group of carbon spring wire around the system

3. The sealing of the brake chamber is good

The rear brake chambers are what convert the air pressure force into mechanical push rod force which engages the brake shoes of the foundation brake system. The spring brake chamber is pressurized, and the spring brake diaphragm compressed the heavy duty spring, which allows the push rod to release the pressure on the slack adjuster arm, which releases the parking brake.

1. Standard Exporting package

2. Original package or neutral package 

3. Customized packaging according to customer requirements

4. Shipped in 10-35 working days after payment

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The brake chamber housing and the lid are stamped with steel plates, which are joined together by means of clamps and bolts to form the entire housing, which is fitted with a cloth rubber sheet, which divides the entire housing into two Completely isolated air chamber. The diaphragm and cover the chamber between the double chamber

The air chamber between the brake valve, the diaphragm and the housing is often in the atmosphere. When the free state, the diaphragm and the cover close to the other side and the push rod on the disc in contact with the disc and the shell between the end surface with a return spring, the other end of the putter with a fork, with To connect the brake adjustment arm. The entire brake chamber is bolted to a special bracket.

When the car brake, the air from the inlet into the brake chamber, under the action of air pressure diaphragm deformation, push the putter, and drive the brake adjustment arm, turn the brake cam, the brake shoe friction The brake is pressed against the brake drum.

When the car lifts the brake, the brake air chamber in the compressed air through the double chamber brake valve or quick release valve to the atmosphere, the diaphragm and putter in the return spring under the original state to restore.

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