Auman: Many ways to make breakthroughs

- Apr 05, 2018-

In 2011, Beiqi Foton strived to achieve sales of 100,000 heavy-duty trucks.

How to achieve these 100,000 vehicles, Futian has already started operations. In early January 2011, Beiqi Foton and Daimler invested RMB 2.6 billion in a joint venture project

"Futian Auman" heavy truck plant was officially put into production. The entire civil construction of the entire plant area will be completed in mid-January 2011. After the completion of this project, it will mainly produce Auman H4 and existing CTX and ETX high-end heavy truck products. The project has an annual production capacity of 80,000 units and a maximum production capacity of 100,000 vehicles/year. After the completion of the Auman II plant, the annual production capacity of heavy trucks in Huairou District will reach 160,000 units.

In terms of new energy, on December 8, 2010, Foton Motors announced the successful development of Futian Auman tractors equipped with LNG (liquefied natural gas) engines. This was followed by Futian in the field of clean energy after fuel cell vehicles and pure electric vehicles. Another technological breakthrough. This is naturally a big selling point for Foton Motor in 2011.

In addition, in order to enlarge and strengthen the special-purpose vehicle segment, at the end of 2010, the new Foton special vehicle debuted in Xining. In addition, on December 29, 2010, for the last two years, the first fully-unloaded heavy truck product of the Changsha Automobile Factory, which is the new development of the core R&D resources of Futian Automobile, is officially listed on the Ruiwo TDX. This will inevitably become Foton Motor 2011. New breakthrough points and growth points in the year.