- Apr 01, 2018-

Li Baoan 280,000 cars 2011 to focus on "three steps"

In 2011, the sales target of FAW Jiefangzhong heavy truck was to protect 280,000 vehicles and sprint 300,000 vehicles. For this reason, in 2011, FAW Liberation will continue to follow

The development goals of the group company's "three-year improvement plan" and the five-year plan are to "keep the foundation, work long-term, grab share, and strive for the first place." Of course, under the ever-changing market, the liberation company also quickly adjusted its marketing strategy. In simple terms, FAW's preparation for liberation must be a "three major steps."

As a first step, in 2011, Liberation will comply with market demand and continue to expand its market share in heavy trucks. For the leading product of 2011, Zhang Bing, Director of Marketing Management Department of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and General Manager of FAW Jiefang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. stated at the 2011 Business Annual Meeting: Increase investment in 11L and 13L products and promote the replacement of medium-sized vehicles. Expand the market share of special vehicles. For the currently popular J6 products, Liberation will successively introduce new technologies such as AMT and new brake systems, and upgrade them, further improving the handling and energy-saving of J6 products. The second step is to strive to make the product's emission standards at the forefront of the industry in terms of new energy development. The third step will continue to expand overseas markets.