High-speed driving safety issues

- Mar 28, 2018-

Since the speed of the vehicle has a direct relationship with the accident and the severity of the accident, the hazards caused by speeding are many. The main points are summarized as follows:

◆ Speeding reduces the safety and reliability of the vehicle and directly affects the stability of the driving operation. At the same time, it can easily cause damage to the vehicle and components.

◆ In the braking effect, the braking distance is increased by approximately four times for each doubling of the vehicle speed.

◆ When speeding, the driver is nervous, mental and physiological energy consumption, fatigue.

◆ The driver will underestimate the change in the relative movement speed and cause the measures to be too late, affecting the timeliness and accuracy of the entire driver's operation.

◆ When driving on a curved road, because the vehicle's loading weight and speed are proportional to the lateral centrifugal force, the higher the speed, the greater the horizontal centrifugation, which increases the difficulty of operation. With a slight carelessness, the vehicle will drive into other people’s lanes or A rollover occurred and caused a traffic accident.

◆ On the curved road, the line-of-sight is short and it is unfavorable to observe. At night, the lights do not reach the bends, and it is even harder to find the situation in front, blindly driving fast cars, and being prone to traffic accidents.