Maintenance knowledge

- Mar 20, 2018-

1, the first security is critical

New car maintenance should be done to the majority of owners in the first period of insurance, will follow the manufacturer's regulations, go to the special service station to do maintenance, because most car manufacturers have implemented the first insurance free replacement oil. For example, Shanghai GM will provide 4 free oil and free oil filter replacement services during the warranty period. However, there are also a small number of owners who neither consult the staff nor look at the “Maintenance Manual”, so there are examples of missed first guarantees. Because it is a new car, the owner missed the first insurance, but also only black oil, dirty, and will not cause any serious consequences. However, experts recommend that the owner should do the first insurance, because the new car is in a state of convergence, mechanical parts run-in, the demand for lubricants will be relatively high, the significance of doing the first protection is here.

2, two guarantees are also important

Replacement of brake pads for 4-6 million kilometers is relatively important, two guarantees are very important. The project involves the inspection and maintenance of up to 63 projects in eight major parts, including engines, automatic transmissions, air-conditioning systems, steering systems, braking systems, suspension systems, body parts, and tires. In addition, it also includes quality inspection test vehicles. It can be seen that after the car has undergone so many tests and maintenance, the entire vehicle condition will obviously enter the best condition, and the safety of the vehicle can be best protected.

3, maintenance of the key items

(1) Brake pads

Brake pads In general, when the vehicle is driven to 4-6 million kilometers, it will be replaced. For owners with poor driving habits, the replacement trip will be shortened accordingly. If the owner sees the red light in front of him, he will not refuel but he will refuel, and then he will wait for the green light to be released after the brakes are removed. This is a habit. In addition, if the host vehicle is not maintained, it will not be possible to find out in time whether the brake pads are thin or completely worn out. If the worn brake pads are not replaced in time, the vehicle braking force will gradually decline, threatening the safety of the owners, and the brake discs will be worn out. The maintenance costs of the owners will accordingly increase. Take Buick as an example. If replacing the brake pads, the cost is only 563 yuan. However, if the brake discs are damaged, the overall cost will reach 1,081 yuan.

(2) Tire transposition

One of the Tire Wear Tier II Tire Maintenance Projects is tire replacement. In case of emergency use of the spare wheel, the owner should replace it with a standard tyre as soon as possible. Because of this particularity of the spare tire, Buick did not adopt the method of cyclic replacement of tires and tires of other models. Instead, four tires were diagonally transposed. The purpose is to make the tire wear more even and to increase its service life. In addition, tire maintenance projects also include adjusting air pressure. For tire pressure, the owner can not be slighted, such as tire pressure is too high, easy to wear the middle of the tread. It is worth noting that measuring the tire pressure without relying on the barometer is difficult for the vehicle owner to be accurate. Daily use of tires also requires some details. If you pay attention to the distance between the tread pattern and the wear mark, you should change the new tire within 2-3mm. Another example is that if the tire is tied, if it is a part of the sidewall, the owner must not listen to the advice of the fast-repair shop to make a tire repair. The tire should be changed immediately, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Because the sidewalls are very thin, the tires will not be able to withstand heavy truck pressure after repair, and they will be prone to punctures.

Mainly prevention, prevention and control, according to the maintenance manual to achieve standard maintenance. This truck will not be a big problem.