- Mar 26, 2018-

Sisu truck, a famous truck brand in Finland. Established in 1931 and headquartered in Calgary, Finland. Sisu pays attention to the performance of trucks under poor road conditions. Therefore, Sisu trucks have good off-road performance. Since Finland is close to the Arctic and the domestic road conditions are complex, Sisu is also known as the “Polar Truck” and is well-developed in the forestry and paper industry. In Finland, one out of every three timber trucks is Sisu. In addition, the excellent off-road performance of the West Sussian truck is the first choice for the Finnish Defense Forces.

Sisu Truck Company and Renault Trucks have formed close cooperation in the areas of parts production, vehicle design, sales service, etc. Now Sisu truck engines are mostly manufactured by Renault and Mark, and Sisu Truck Company is also responsible for Renault trucks in Finland and Estonia. Export business. Sisu Truck belongs to the Finnish Automobile Group.