Identification Of Auto Parts

- Oct 27, 2017-

1, look at the packaging of the original parts of the general comparison of packaging standards, uniform standard specifications, printing handwriting clear and formal, and counterfeit product packaging printing is relatively cheap, often can easily find the flaw from the packaging;

2, see the color of some of the original accessories surface designated a certain color, if met other colors, is fake and shoddy parts;

3, look at the appearance of the original accessories printed word or cast and mark clear formal, while the appearance of counterfeit products rough;

4, look at the paint illegal businessman will scrap parts by simple processing, such as demolition, loading, spelling, together, brush paint and other treatment, and then fake the sale of qualified goods, illegal access to high profits;

5, see the texture of the original accessories materials are according to the design requirements of qualified materials, counterfeit products are mostly using cheap and inferior materials;

6, look at the poor workmanship product appearance sometimes although good, but due to poor production process, prone to cracks, sand holes, slag, burrs or scratches;

7, see "Storage" car accessories If the occurrence of chapped, oxidation, discoloration mirror or aging problems, may be in the storage of poor environment, storage time, material itself and other reasons;

8, see "Joint" if the clutch piece of rivet loose, brake skin pipe degumming, electrical parts joint off welding, paper filter seam off, and so on, it can not be used;