Introduction Of Spinneret

- Oct 27, 2017-

Also called the spinning cap. The effect of the Spinneret is to convert the viscous-flow polymer melt or solution into a fine flow with a specific cross-section, which is formed by solidification medium such as air or solidification bath.

According to the types and specifications of fiber, there are different specifications, shapes, hole type, material and so on. The Spinneret works under high temperature and pressure. Pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and adequate mechanical strength are required.


Spinneret can be divided into: (1) ordinary type, which can be divided into melt-spun spinneret (its shape has a round, rectangular, fan-shaped and wet-spun Spinneret (also known as Spinneret); (2) profiled Spinneret, the cross section of textile fiber is Non-circular, and (3) composite spinneret to make composite fiber.