Key Points For Replacement Of Auto Parts

- Oct 27, 2017-

First, as far as possible use of sealant, if necessary, can be used to paint substitute to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

Second, rubber seals should be carefully inspected before assembling the appearance of quality, the use of special tools to press the match, to avoid beating deformation;

Third, according to the provisions of the lubrication grease, regular cleaning ventilation holes and check valves, etc.

IV, in the extremely clean conditions for assembly, parts work surface without bumps, scratches, burrs and other attachments;

Strict operating procedures, seals should be properly installed, to prevent the deformation of not in place;

VI, master the performance of seals and use requirements, timely replacement of failure parts;

In the case of the thin-walled parts of the side cover, the sheet metal is used for cold correction; easy to wear shaft hole parts can be used metal plating, welding repair, adhesive, machining and other processes to achieve the original size;

Eighth, the nut sliding wire break, loosen should repair or replace new parts, and twist to the specified torque.