Sealing Test Of Engine Cylinder

- Oct 27, 2017-

There are seven factors affecting the sealing of the cylinder, including the wear of the cylinder, the piston ring damage, the piston wear, the valve seat damage, the valve duct wear, the cylinder cushion damage, the valve clearance and so on.

What are the common diagnostic methods, nick? The main measurement of cylinder pressure, crankcase channeling gas, cylinder leakage and leakage rate, inlet vacuum, cylinder piston group caused by excessive wear and tear vibration measurement, the crankshaft box wear metal is the determination of particle content.

For the measurement of cylinder compression pressure, it is mainly four-stroke engine compression at the end of the pressure. Due to the pressure of the cylinder and the viscosity of the oil and the cylinder piston group, the adjustment of the gas distribution mechanism is correct, the sealing of the cylinder gasket and other factors, so, in the measurement of engine cylinder pressure, you can diagnose the cylinder piston group seals, if the piston ring, valve, cylinder gasket tightness if good, Then the valve clearance must be appropriate.