Semi-trailer Tractors And Commercial Vehicle

- Mar 31, 2018-

A commercial vehicle designed and equipped primarily for the carriage of goods. Whether it can pull a trailer or not.

Similar to the newly classified passenger cars, the meaning of the new classified trucks is also smaller than that of the trucks in the old classification. The corresponding relationship is that of the old classified trucks = new classification (truck + semi-trailer tractor + truck non-completed vehicles).

The breakdown of trucks is broken down by total quality, use, and fuel type.

Semi-trailer tractors are equipped with special devices for traction semi-trailer commercial vehicles.

After China's accession to the WTO, the volume of port traffic has increased, providing opportunities for the development of semitrailer tractors. In recent years, this model has developed rapidly. In the old classification, semi-trailer tractors were included in the statistics of trucks and were not listed separately. The new classifications are listed separately as a large category of commercial vehicles.

For semi-trailer tractors, the quality of vehicle classification is based on the quality of the semi-trailer in a running state, plus the maximum vertical static load transmitted from the semi-trailer to the tractor, and the maximum design loading quality of the tractor itself (if any). The sum of words).