The Classify Of Passenger Cars

- Mar 30, 2018-

Passenger cars can generally be classified in two ways.

Passenger cars can be divided into bicycles and trains according to their overall structure. Cycling is a basic model. It is often divided into large, medium, and small, depending on the total weight of the bus or the number of seats. China stipulates that the length of a single bus does not exceed 12 meters. The compartments and frames of passenger trains are divided into two sections. The two frames are connected by a hinged disc, and the two cars are connected by an active pleated cover so that the cars can communicate with each other. Therefore, they are also called articulated or channel type passenger cars. China stipulates that the length of passenger trains generally does not exceed 18 meters.

Passenger cars can be divided into travel buses, city buses, highway buses and tour buses according to their purposes.

A minivan for passenger coaches, with no more than 17 seats. According to its appearance, China is commonly known as the "van." Travel buses are flexible and have high ride comfort.

City buses run on large buses in cities and suburbs. The most common type is a city bus. In addition to seats, there are wide passages for passengers to stand and move around. Some city buses have two upper and lower compartments. All upper floors have seats, and the lower floors have seats and stations. Double-decker buses have more passengers than single-decker buses, but they have higher center of gravity and poorer driving stability.

Highway buses travel on large passenger cars on the highways between towns or between townships. Can be divided into coaches and coaches. Long-distance buses have a distance of several hundred kilometers. All passenger compartments are equipped with seats, and there are luggage racks or luggage compartments for carrying passengers' luggage. Short-distance coaches are only tens of kilometers away. There are seats in addition to seats. The racks for storing luggage are generally small or not.

Bus tours for sightseeing and sightseeing rides. Larger seat spacing, comfortable ride, and a wide field of vision, generally have ventilation, heating and cooling equipment. Senior long-distance tour buses also have sleepers, bathrooms, kitchens, and entertainment rooms.