The Development Predicament Of Auto Parts

- Oct 27, 2017-

Commercial vehicle parts and components enterprises are a relatively high degree of industry, mostly emerging individual enterprises. For these small and medium-sized enterprises, the upfront investment pressure is already very big, and after putting into production profit is not high, so want to let them increase the investment of research and development is relatively difficult. And in a certain period of time, the price of raw materials rising, enterprises in raw materials will need to pay a large part of the funds.

The single marketing is because the commercial vehicle parts and components enterprises are limited by the regional segmentation, which determines that it can only through the point-to-point mode to maintain customer relationship. And the problem of capital is also decided that the spare parts enterprise is difficult to use a lot of input to carry on technology research and development. The duplication of national construction has made spare parts companies mired in price competition, which has caused serious capital waste. A complete cake is fragmented, making it difficult to produce large-scale production, making them unprofitable and difficult to invest in subsequent research and development.