The Development Trend Of Auto Parts

- Oct 27, 2017-

1. International industrial transfer accelerates and mergers and acquisitions are active.

In a certain period of time, most of the domestic auto parts companies sales lower, and the sales of tens of billions of dollars of multinational giants compared to the size of Chinese auto parts companies are significantly smaller. And China's manufacturing exports have always been cheap and well-known, multinational large-scale enterprises in order to effectively reduce production costs, open up emerging markets not only to low-cost countries and regions large-scale transfer of production and manufacturing links, but also gradually extend the scope of the transfer to research and development, design, procurement, sales and after-sales service links, Levels are getting higher.

2. Auto Parts Enterprises to actively implement systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply, automotive parts and Components industry cluster development characteristics of obvious.

In view of the development of automobile parts industry in the world's major automobile producing countries, the development of parts and components industry is in the same important position as the development of automobile industry, and it must develop into an industrial cluster in order to be bigger and stronger, which is the strategic choice of auto parts industry. Vehicle enterprises in product development using platform strategy, systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply gradually become the automotive parts industry development trend. At the same time, the development characteristics of automobile parts industry cluster is more and more obvious.