Shacman Brake Camshaft

Shacman Brake Camshaft

Truck Model: Shacman
OEM No/Model: AZ199112340026
FOB Price: USD 1-100
Minimum Order: 10 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Product Name

Shacman Brake Camshaft

OEM No/Model


Car Application

Shacman Truck

Delivery Port






Country/Region of Manufacture


Export Ratio

71% - 80%

Current Export Market

South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East

The brake camshaft is a part of the brake linkage for heavy duty truck air brakes. The camshaft is the component responsible for spreading the brake shoes apart. In air brake systems, the brake chamber expands and the operating rod pushes on the (brake) slack adjuster. As the operating rod pushes on the slack adjuster, it rotates around the shaft of the S-Cam. When the camshaft is rotated the eccentric shape of the cam head pushes the brake shoes apart. The brake shoes separate and cause friction between the brake lining and the brake drum. It is this friction that slows and stops the vehicle.

1. Standard Exporting package

2. Original package or neutral package

3. Customized packaging according to customer requirements

4. Shipped in 10-35 working days after payment

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The camshaft and the cam are integral, and the position and shape of the cam determines the opening and closing time of the valve and the height of the valve opening, so its accuracy is very important. The camshaft, like the crankshaft, has more shafts to avoid bending. On the camshaft, there is a pinion used to drive the oil pump and the distributor (sub-board) in addition to a cam that specializes in driving the petrol pump.

Camshaft work must ensure that the cylinder in the accurate time of the intake and exhaust, four-stroke engine each cylinder in the crankshaft rotation within two weeks that there is the intake stroke and exhaust stroke each time. So the camshaft speed must be half of the crankshaft speed.

Camshaft driven by the crankshaft, there are two ways to drive: gear and gear meshing drive in the opposite direction of rotation, tooth sprocket and chain drive in the same direction of rotation.

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